Spending multiple hours a day for seven days a week on domestic labour is what children from 3rd world countries are made to do in order to earn $11 a week. Aside from being denied education these children are frequently verbally and physically abused on the job.


Music performers, transportation providers, sport equipment haulers, tour guides, and translating for your benefit, exotic foreign children make tourism interesting. After looking into the problem it is evident that these small gifts and other items that are sold to tourist are a small part of a lager business.


When I say a child with a Soccer balls one thing that comes to everyonce mind would be them playing with other friends in a large filed. In some countries this is not the case, children in these countries don’t play with soccer ball they make soccer balls. These children have no schooling, terrible pay, long working hours and in this case we can expect the adult to grow up exposed to various fumes and radiation.